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Introducing SmartBox! - The Qiurio Blog

Introducing SmartBox!

For the most part, creating sets on Qiurio is painless. There's a little box for each part of a question. You fill in each box and use the control tools to add questions and answers, choose the correct answer, etc. It's quick and intuitive and it's the way these sort of tools have worked for millenia!

But occasionally this approach can be cumbersome. For instance, if you're creating a particularly long set, switching from box to box can become tedious. And having to alternate between keyboard and mouse (or touchpad) and back again can really slow you down. Wouldn't it be great if you could type all your questions into a single box? And wouldn't it be even greater if the box were somehow smart enough to understand what you typed and automatically turn it into a set of questions?

Well we thought that would be pretty neat so we made SmartBox. SmartBox allows you to free-type your sets. In other words it lets you type your questions directly into a single box as you would for instance in a word processor. You never have to leave SmartBox while creating your sets. SmartBox takes care of figuring out how to turn what you entered into a functional question set.

SmartBox is Ambidexterous

SmartBox also works in reverse. If you're creating a set the old fashioned way, SmartBox automatically generates the free-text to go with it. In other words you can create a set using SmartBox, edit it using the regular form, and make further changes back on SmartBox again. You can edit your set in SmartBox and the regular format, you don't have to choose!

Copy-and-Paste (Import)

Another problem that SmartBox solves is in allowing you to copy and paste questions from other sources into Qiurio. Before SmartBox, importing questions meant copying and pasting each item in a question individually. So to import a set of 5 questions, each with 5 answers, you would have to copy and paste 30 times (1 question prompt + 5 answers x 5). Using SmartBox you can import the same set in a single step!

Simple Conventions

SmartBox relies on a few simple conventions to figure out your intentions. For instance it expects you to mark the correct answer with an asterisk * at the start of the line. It also treats each new line as a new portion of your question unless you tell it otherwise by grouping lines together with square brackets [[...]]. To learn about SmartBox's other conventions click on Help next to SmartBox on the create page.

The best way to learn how SmartBox works is to try it out. If anything seems odd or doesn't work as expected please do let me know at